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Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance

You cannot foresee a personal accident (PA) but you can take care of your material well-being if your employee suffers an injury as a result of an accident and needs treatment in a hospital or at home.

The basic employee insurance coverage is the compulsory employer liability insurance covering personal accidents at workplace”. The indemnity is paid only if the accident happened to an employee at workplace and during workhours. The indemnity is usually preceded by a long process of document collection and results in loss of valuable time. The compulsory employer liability insurance does not cover temporary disability and covers only Assured death or disability.

Amanat Insurance offers a voluntary accident insurance to your employees. The insurance has extended coverage including commuting to work and back home as well as business trips. The policy is valid 24 hours a day no matter where an Assured person is.

Indemnity is paid by Amanat Insurance quickly and requires only a minimum package of documents. If your employees cannot come to work because of an injury caused by an accident or severe intoxication, we will compensate expenses for each calendar day of necessary absence. Not only your employee will receive their salary while on sick leave but they will also be paid indemnity for each sick day from Amanat Insurance! The indemnity sum can be as much as

30,000 tenge per day for a period of 60 days – everything depends on the limit insured set by your company.

Indemnity is paid at once in case of death, disability or persistent (irreversible) disability. Amanat Insurance pays larger indemnities – up to 10 annual employee salaries.

One can insure both specialists and members of their families. Adults (aged 17 to 65) and children (aged 1 year and older) can be insured by Amanat Insurance.

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