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Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

If your company is in the cargo shipment business you know all risks associated with it better than anyone else. An unforeseen event may damage or destroy goods in a truck, rail car or on board a ship. That is why shipping companies buy insurance from all possible losses. Are you among them? If yes, Amanat is happy to offer you Marine Cargo insurance and Freight Forwarder’s Liability insurance.

Marine Cargo insurance provides full coverage loss of cargo or cargo damage.

Freight forwarder’s liability insurance compensate losses in case they are caused through the fault of a freight forwarder.

If you handle large volume of cargo, we recommend you a Marine Cargo Open Cover with a minimum deposit premium. In this case all you need is send a request to our manager and your cargo will be insured automatically. This decreases document load, your operational expenses and saves your time.

In case of an insured event we will compensate not only the cargo cost but expenses on transportation, warehouse storage and customs duties.

Amanat insurance agreement also covers the interim storage of cargo for a period of up to 60 days as a bonus from us!

To ensure reimbursement of all relevant losses of our Clients Amanat purchase Obligatory Reinsurance Treaty that guarantees payment of up to 3 bln. tenge per each loss!

All losses less than 500,000 tenge will be reimbursed without any delay and no documents from authorities are required.

Our local surveyor will save your time assisting with claim settling procedure.

Come and join us!

P.S. If the damage that occurred as a result of an insured event is estimated to be less than 500,000 tenge, we will pay you compensation in the shortest period of time without asking you for certifying documents issued by the authorities. We have emergency officers working in almost every region and are ready to solve your problem fast and without bureaucratic procedures.

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